Poribar's solutions will change the way you do business.

We are a full-spectrum digital company that services multiple sectors.  The goal is always the same - leverage data to make the best decisions as quickly as possible.  If there is no data, we will collect it.  Smartly chosen software packages and well-thought out automation make life much easier.  Whether we find it or build it, we only offer solutions that work.

Book a Starting Line Assessment today, and see how our Six Sigma approach  can help you make better decisions faster.


CRM Tool

vCita is a brilliant customer resource management product for small to medium sized businesses.  It has big power, easy integrations, and an affordable price point.  We offer sales, implementation, and training.

Digital Transformation

Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing is undergoing a monumental shift, but it doesn't have to be difficult.  Our consulting team can help demystify data, evaluate processes, and set your firm on the right course.​​​​​​​


Modern business moves faster.

Manual processes are slow, prone to mistakes, and require lots of paper.  Any repetitive task can be automated.  Tasks that required hours or days can be reduced to seconds.  Let us take a look and start saving you time and money.

Data Analysis and Management

Operations Support

Data is only useful if its the right data and interpreted correctly.  We use tools like Python, SQL, Excel,  and Power BI to  find crucial insights and we leave a process so you can duplicate those results over and over.


Training, Webinars, and Other Notable Happenings




Business Automation - 
How Much Time Can You Save?

Online Webinar - 10 AM




Cybersecurity Basics - 
For Home and Office

Online Webinar - 10:30 AM




Software to Streamline Teamwork

Online Webinar - 10 AM