Why Poribar? 

Many digital transformation firms sell a specific product.  Or they want to sell technology without change management.  Poribar will assess your firm's technological needs and current processes.  We will identify the right solution and then guide your firm through the process changes. At Poribar, we want you to be your best self, and that includes more than just flashy tech.

Meet The Poribar Team 

Marcus Blair

Marcus is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with a background in Manufacturing Engineering, Quality, and Accounting. His projects have saved millions of dollars in operational costs and won awards from companies like Ford and Honda. He is one of the area’s premier young business leaders, as evidenced by his selection to the 2020 40-Under-40 Class for the Greater Knoxville area. He was the General Manager of Digital Factory Deployment for Commercial Vehicle Group, where he oversaw the company’s global digital transformation for 19 facilities.  Marcus is passionate about leveling the playing field between large and small companies and non-profits.  His previous consulting work includes marketing campaigns to help start-ups compete and securing funding for local schools with specific needs.  Always an entrepreneur at heart, Marcus has built two other profitable companies, and is now launching Poribar. The team assembled at Poribar has the stated goal to make digitalization available for everyone, but also to guide them through the necessary cultural shifts and process changes to realize the full benefit..  View LinkedIn Profile.  

Kerry Howery

Kerry Howery is a certified Lean 6-Sigma Master Black Belt with a passion for helping people and organizations discover their unrealized capabilities and be their best selves. He has spent much of the past 20 years plying his craft with a broad range of businesses, from Fortune 100 manufacturers to specialized engineering, technology start-ups, large-scale sales distribution service businesses, and community-focused non-profit organizations. Kerry began his career working in Quality and Process engineering and management. He obtained his Black Belt certification from General Electric in 1996 and his Master Black Belt certification while working for Eaton in 2001. Kerry was introduced to the Malcom Baldridge Business Excellence in 1994. Quickly realizing the potential, he became a proponent of the Baldridge model and continued his involvement through Eaton Corporation and later with the Excellence in Missouri Foundation. Merging the elements of his Quality expertise with Lean, 6-Sigma, and the principles of the Baldridge model, Kerry has excelled in using his toolset to boost business performance and results. He has been a Business Excellence guest lecturer at Western Michigan University and at Henderson State University. He has trained and mentored hundreds of Lean 6-Sigma Black Belts, Green Belts, and management leaders. His experience in business transformation and change management makes him a crucial piece to Poribar’s team.  View LinkedIn Profile